Early in the morning, June 12, 1864, the last battle of Cynthiana was fought on this site. General John H. Morgan and his forces captured Cynthiana on the previous day and defeated Union forces at the battle of Kellar's bridge. The Confederate forces were camped along the ridgeline east of Cynthiana, which included the present site of Battle Grove Cemetery. Although victorious, they were exhausted and many were without ammunition for their weapons. The carbine carrying Cavalry failed to heed General Morgan's order to arm themselves with captured Union long infantry muskets and ammunition.

As the day dawned, General Burbridge and his Union forces, having made a rapid night march from Paris via Ruddle's Mill, approached Cynthiana along the present Millersburg Pike. Caught by surprise, the Confederate forces were unable to withstand the Union pressure and fled after a short intense engagement. Morgan and a few hundred escaped through Claysville and returned to Virginia, the other troopers scattered to the four winds. This ended Morgan's threat to Kentucky and the effectiveness of Morgan's command. Many of the participants of this battle were from Harrison County. In 1864 they fought bravely for the Blue or the Gray. Yet today these Union and Confederate veterans lie side by side on this hollowed ground of peace.