Memories do not die, but live in the hearts of those who remain. A tombstone or memorial, whether simple or elegant, should reflect on the accomplishments or personality of the individual it honors. It will serve as a lasting reminder of a loved one. In addition to a traditional monument, you may consider a variety of expressive etching, made possible in the hands of skilled stone craftsmen. As you reflect back by looking through old photographs and other collectibles, you may find special images that will preserve the memory or your loved one on your memorial. Scenes such as farm, fishing, hunting, golf, or images of your loved one may be etched on the stone. You may design your own memorial. Select the color and type of stone, shape, size, engraved message or etched images, and we will provide you with a scale drawing and a cost estimate without obligation.

If you or a member of your family are in need of a monument, we will be pleased to assist you in choosing a monument that will suit your requirements.