Moy Foo

Moy Foo has the distinction of being the first and only person of Chinese descendant buried in Battle Grove Cemetery. He was known as the "Chinaman". Moy Foo operated a laundry on Walnut street (site of the Harrison Deposit Bank parking lot) for many years. His laundry was widely utilized by Cynthiana citizens, however it was during prohibition his laundry business rapidly increased. Soon the authorities learned that not only could you get your shirts expertly laundered but special orders could be fulfilled on request. Moy Foo was quietly slipping bottles of whiskey between the shirts, wrapping and presenting the knowing customer with clean laundry and fulfilling their spirit needs as well. During these years he was constantly in trouble with the authorities.

In about 1918, in accordance with Chinese custom, Moy Foo selected a "picture bride" and was married. When he initiated actions to bring his new wife to Amereica, numerous complications arose. Mainly prohibitions by the immigration authorities. Moy Foo then decided to return to China and bring her to America himself. He traveled to Seattle, Washington and prior to departure, the authorities advised him if he left the country & tried to return, not only would his wife be turned away, but he could expect the same fate. He took the next train back to Cynthiana.

Tombstone Inscription—Section SSG —Lot 549

Moy Foo, 1861—1929